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For a more genteel approach to the supply of everything you need for Adult CP, Domestic Discipline, Spanking and Role-Playing scenarios.
Do keep coming back to take a good look around the site; it will be changing all the time.  Every implement is guaranteed to be of top quality - I use them myself in both a professional and a lifestyle capacity.  Therefore, you can shop with confidence and assurance that you are buying items that will give you many years of pleasure.  Regards,  Lady Pandora new!
The Original Martinet Imported especially from France, this is the original Martinet.  An innocuous looking implement that delivers a real devil of a sting!  Traditionally it was used on the legs and calves, but it can quite safely be used on most parts. Total handle length is just under 25cm, the leather tails are 28cm long and there are 11 of them.  P&P is £3 on this item when bought separately.